R. Cunningham, Spain:

"My horse Napoleon is a difficult horse. He lacks confidence, shuts down and can be very nervous in certain situations. Working (with Monica) has helped us develop confidence in each other and also form a true partnership. I had not ridden him for a year and have owned him of 2 years. I can not thank you enough, Monica. I never thought I could have such a happy boy under saddle".

Belinda Bass, Australia:

"...Following this course has certainly taught me to slow down and listen to my horses and take the time to connect rather that rush in and assume she was happy to do what I expected or asked. My connection with Xena has grown much stronger as I new take the time to connect and read her body language from the moment I walk towards her."

Wendy Price, England:

As a horse owner for over 50 years, I have experienced many trainings.... I was absolutely delighted to discover that Monica's Softness Training was able to take my relationship with Rosie even further. Whilst the subtleties are simple to implement, the results are profound!

Jenn Wagstaff, Australia:

."... I have seen a huge change in myself and even had a compliment from a friend on how I have softened myself. I am teaching differently, too. I am reading the horse more and seeing when they want to be with us and when they are saying "no, not today". With this beautiful approach, I am witnessing a change in horses within 5 minutes of being with them."